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Plug in and tune in.

Humans are social beings.  We need face to face interactions, making in-office appointments even more important when it comes to counseling.  Sometimes it is just not possible and we understand that. 

one less thing to worry about.

In this day and age we try to pack more in a day than reasonable.  Scheduling an appointment can take more than 2 hours out of your day.  The time you save in travel can make way for additional self care, like exercise or nurturing important relationships too often overlooked. 

Don't miss another appointment!

Feeling under the weather yet really need to talk?   Online counseling allows you to help limit the spread of germs while still being able to strengthen your emotional health.

Entering the holiday season knowing you will need help staying on track amid family dynamics?  Going on vacation with your partner knowing the first few days will be great until you find yourself looking for the next flight out?   

Online counseling is perfect while the family is busy or half way through your trip to save from hitting PURCHASE on the escape flight home.*    

Can't find a babysitter?  Online counseling may be a solution once the kids are fast asleep. 

Does your work schedule or travel interfere with your ability to make appointments in advance?  Online counseling can offer consistency in treatment.*  

    *Due to licensing requirements, each party may be required to be in the same State the treating counselor is licensed.   

What is required of you? 

Expectations are the same as if you were in our office - single focused.  We are too often plugged in, yet not tuned in.  

This is precious time you have set aside for self care, not for tending to the needs of others or task lists.  This means laundry, cooking, deliveries, cell phones, and the like can wait.  If you wouldn't do it in the office, don't do it online. 

A quiet, confidential area void of distractions is a must.  Only those involved in the counseling session may be present. 

is it secure?

FaceTime and Skype are not, which is why we use a HIPAA compliant Telehealth platform.  It will work on any computer device with internet access and a camera, including smartphones or tablets. 

Do you accept insurance?

Insurance does not cover online counseling.

Call today to see of online counseling is the right fit for you!