Gay & Lesbian Couples Counseling

Gay & Lesbian Couples Counseling

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GLBTQ Couples Counseling

While monogamy may be going down the drain in many relationships, the fact is that people actually prefer to settle with someone they love. It can take time to get a relationship on the right track, and that is where counseling helps a great deal. Same sex marriages have been on the rise across the world, some countries acknowledge this, while others frown down on gay marriage. Sex is instinctive and while it does work to keep the juices flowing, it is not always the basis of a healthy union. Here are some gay and lesbian couples counseling tips and the problems that couples face in a same sex relationship.

Age and Sex

As we get older, the frequency to have impulsive sex may not occur. That does not mean that you need to seek gratification outside the confines of the relationship. A therapist will be able to help the two of you find better ways to get to the climax without being overt in your needs. But it does not mean that the older you get, you forget about the instinctive nature that brought about a twinkle in your eyes.

Talk and Expression

Communication is crucial in any relationship. When you choose not to confide or talk to your significant other, the fires slowly die. There is nothing like having a healthy conversation with someone who you love and getting to know her or his point of view. Debating about issues that plague society will energize you to do something together if you are on the same page.


Everyone finds him/herself at the precipice of imbalance at some time or the other in a relationship. Going through life without troubles is a great way to live life, but it hardly ever happens. Situations also arise when troubles can infect the relationship where everything spirals out of control. When the going gets tough, bailing on the person is not the answer. Hearing her/him out is what works. Seek out a reliable counselor for a dispassionate take on the situation and work through the problems.

Family and Society

Many gay and lesbian couples face ridicule from their family. Sometimes they are ostracized because their relationships are not accepted by relatives and society. This can pose a challenge and is very hurtful. But, that does not mean that you give up entirely on yourself. From a religious point of view, it is frowned down on, but God is the only judge. Therefore, if people have opinions about you, so be it, get on with life. That does not mean that promiscuity needs to be flaunted or encouraged to keep the embers glowing.

In Sum

Counseling gay and lesbian couples is not the same as regular counseling through the rules of rational emotive therapy do remain constant. Most people, who are attracted to someone of the same sex, are looked down on with disdain. This hurts them and causes them to act out in myriad ways. Visit the website that helps couples deal with troubles and societal pressures. The counselor is located in Tampa, Brandon, FL.

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