Attitudes That Objectify Women Fuel Sexual Assault

Attitudes That Objectify Women Fuel Sexual Assault | Sexual Assualt Therapy Counselor Tampa Florida
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In recent times, the media has been spreading plenty of news about sexual harassment accusations. The problem goes very deep and stems from a culture that objectifies and damages both men and women. It continues a cycle of shame and actually encourages aggression towards women.

Men aren’t even aware of how much they are harmed by sexual shame. Women experience the destructive sides of being objectified which include but aren’t limited to violence, abuse, eating disorders, body shaming, depression, sexual dysfunction and the list goes on and on.

This is exasperated with boys having to separate from their mothers in order to be seen as men. They must look to their fathers in order to identify as men. Boys are also influenced by their peers, cultural standards and role models which paint an image in their mind of what it is to be a man. Masculinity in most cultures encompasses toughness, success and anti-femininity. This makes all men become something they are not and makes them abandon what makes them themselves.

Most corners of society expect all men to reject traits which are deemed feminine such as tenderness, compassion and empathy. Many young boys and men have had these emotions shamed so that they conform to these supposedly masculine ideals while also creating an air of homophobia around feminine feelings.

Most boys around the world can recall times whether they admit it or not of when they were belittled by their fathers who called them “sissy” or “mama’s boy”. This is a way of emotional and physical abuse being passed down by fathers who likely received the same growing up.

Men are often ‘trained’ by their fathers, brothers and peers to objectify, degrade and dominate women. This has the unfortunate result of straining male relationships with women. These ideas are enforced and reinforced through promiscuity, girl-watching, competition among men to sleep with as many women as possible and more. Pornographic material is also to blame as the popularity of violent porn is growing. Studies have shown that porn is contributing to pedophilia, misogyny and violence against women.

Society has failed young men and women by not educating children about sex. Teenagers are naturally curious about sex and often seek sex education through porn. Almost all porn is geared towards men and normalizes ideas such as conquest, control and domination. It also wrongly tells men that all women enjoy whatever men demand like aggression and that they can be easily coerced into sex even after repeatedly saying no.

How Can You Break Free?

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