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Adoption Therapy

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A co-therapy session between parents and children in an adoptive environment is crucial for both to understand the beauty of the adoption process. When couples or single people adopt children it is of utmost importance to understand that the child may have physiological and emotional identities that neither are aware of, unless there is detailed information provided.

Past Issues

Recreating the past trauma that a child has been exposed to, like foster care or abuse, for instance, helps both the child and the parent deal with the emotional and physiological effect it has, through effective and corrective measures. The therapist may take the child back to the ‘scene of the crime’ so that s/he deals with the pain and angst and gets past the situation with the help of the adoptive parents and the therapist.

Children who act out with their new family tend to do so either because of a sad past or because of a sense of fear that they may be sent back. The counselor through a series of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques will be able to analyze information from the child’s past to help her/him adjust. The objective here is to make sure that the child and the parent/s bond through a structured session. Prior to the adoption, both are counseled so that they are aware of the seriousness of the process.

Regression and Progression

Many parents, over time, realize that the child and her/his nature may not be in tune with their expectations. The child too may have certain expectations from the parents. In a counseling session, when both do not seem to see eye to eye, the professional will observe and help the two understand. While the relationship may be based on love and a host of positive emotions, physiological and mental patterns will differ. An understanding needs to be worked through so that the adoptive therapy works for parents and children.

Many children placed in adoptive families find situations rather traumatic even if positivity is around. At times children seep into depression because they are unable to trust and relate to their parents. It can occur with the parents too who find the idea of adoption sweet, but when it comes to getting to the point, they are pressurized. This is where therapy comes to the fore as a way forward in segmenting the relationship and dealing with any underlining issues.


Adoption is a very serious commitment and it cannot be taken easily. Forming an attachment may take a while as children settle into their new home. If they have been shunted around from one foster home to the next, it can be quite a difficult experience when they are adopted. Peer groups can get quite nasty, which may cause the child to spiral out of control and create a way to get attention. The objective of helping parents and children in an adoptive environment is to ensure that everyone is happy and the situation is conducive to all involved.

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