Does Play Therapy Work?

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How Does Play Therapy Work?

CTS "Playroom"

CTS "Playroom"

When children misbehave or act out of character, many of us may not think much of it. But it may be an indicator that something is not quite right in their lives.

Communication is the key to understanding the cause of any problem. But the verbal communication skill of a child under the age of twelve is not strong enough to completely express what they feel. When the little one is unable or unwilling to talk about their troubles, they often resort to inappropriate behavior or withdraw into themselves, leaving the parents clueless, helpless and desperate. It is under these circumstances that play therapy becomes a crucial tool in the hands of a good play therapist.

Play therapy – how it is conducted

The therapist arranges a playroom which has a specific selection of items that can help a child communicate. In this comfortable and safe space the little one can play with very few restrictions. Sand trays, modeling clay, coloring tools, toys, dolls and dollhouses with furniture, clothes, indoor games and sports equipment may all be part of this counseling area. Some therapists also use music, dance, storytelling, role playing and other games to help children express themselves better.

During the course of play therapy, a trained counselor can gain a clearer picture regarding the nature of the child’s problem. Based on this input, a few more activities or toys specific to the child’s needs may be included. Gradually the child can be equipped through play to resolve these issues and self-heal. Healthier and better behavior can also be fostered through this approach.

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How does play therapy help?

Play therapy works by helping children:


For adults, talking to a therapist helps them process stressful events and find ways to gradually overcome them. But for a child, this process is different. Instead of words, they use play to symbolically express any traumatic experiences they may have been through. As this may not be possible in their school or home environments, children bottle up their feelings or exhibit inappropriate behavior. The safe space created by play therapy removes these barriers and lets them express what they feel and what they want.


The act of playing itself has a therapeutic effect on the children. In addition, once the therapist understands what the child is trying to say through play, the same symbolic language can be used to help them heal.


In the stories that they play out with their toys, children try out different situations and pretend to be different characters. Their make-believe world enables them to explore different perspectives, develop empathy and gain a better understanding of the real-life. As a result, they make healthier decisions and cope better with the challenges of daily life.


Through play therapy, a good counselor gently introduces children to new concepts and ideas. They also learn the difference between right and wrong, self-control, self-confidence and a whole lot of positive behaviors through play.

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