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Talk therapy can be one of the most effective tools to treat depression. But what is really depression therapy about? Also referred to as psychotherapy, talk sessions can be the balm that helps soothes one’s mind and spirit and the catalyst we sometimes need to bring about a change. Counselors really help their clients steer the ship through troubled waters by armoring them with techniques that not only help them stay afloat but also very often help them succeed in life.

The first session

The initial counseling session is a period of breaking the ice so that you are made to feel comfortable in a scenario that you are relatively new to. Primarily, the discussion centers around the reasons you require therapy, the problems you face and if you are suffering from any symptoms that need treatment. In addition, by providing your counselor with more generic information such as your background, qualifications and family and relationships status, you can help her understand the situation in its entirety. She will then be able to design a comprehensive, holistic plan for you that will form a strong base for the treatment. An intrinsic part of talk therapy is that you must have an open, transparent discussion with your therapist from day one itself.

Subsequent sessions

Each followup talk is essentially treated as an enabling session where you can further explain your current problems and together with your counselor you deep dive into any issues you are facing. You might feel a bit apprehensive about your therapist’s reaction to some of the information you want to divulge but rest assured you will not be judged or criticized. Besides, all information that you do share with her, including any deep, dark secrets, will be kept in the strictest of confidentiality. For the therapy to works its magic you must do it justice from day one onwards by allowing for an honest discussion with your therapist.

Enabling you

All therapists are good listeners, but the best ones are exceptional problem solvers as well. However, they don't solve the problem for you but will equip you to handle them yourself by getting to the root of the issue and determining the best course of action. Through therapy not only will you be equipped with creative problem-solving techniques, but you will learn to deal with stress and any emotional upheaval in your life. Your counselor can also help you scale new heights by establishing goals for you to achieve that will give you a feeling of accomplishment when you do.

Length of the therapy

Since counseling sessions are tailored to suit individual needs, the number of sessions required is subjective. It could be a one-time conversation if you just need some advice to get through a transitional phase in your life, or you might need multiple sittings if you are experiencing more deep seeded problems. So the length of the sessions really depends on what sort of mental, emotional or spiritual healing you require.

Why is talk therapy such a powerful medium through which depression can be cured? If you are candid with your therapist and follow through with her advice, you will be able to kick those gears into action and climb out of the pit you are stuck in now.

Selecting the best counselor is a critical part of the healing process. Erin Saintil is one of the most sought after therapists in Tampa, FL. Highly qualified, with years of experience dealing with a variety of problems across the board, have equipped her with the knowledge and techniques that will help her put your mind at ease and get you on the right path to recovery.

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