Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) therapy treatment for children

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD therapy treatment for children Tampa Florida
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD therapy treatment for children Tampa FL.jpeg

ADHD therapy for children

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is a medical condition which affects both adults and children alike. People with ADHD experience differences in brain development as well as brain activity which negatively impacts their attention, ability to sit still, and self-control. ADHD can affect an adult at work or at home and interfere with their relationships with people. It can even affect a child whether he/she is at school or at home and cause a hit to friendships.

The most effective treatment for ADHD in children is behavior therapy. Behavior therapy is most effective in young children when it is delivered by parents. When parents are trained in behavior therapy, they learn skills as well as strategies to help their child with ADHD do well at school, at home, and in terms of relationships.

How can families find a therapist who trains parents in behavior therapy?

Psychologists, social workers, and licensed counselors are all great at providing this kind of training to parents. If you’re looking for a therapist, you may find them through professional association directories or through health insurance provider directories. An excellent company who employs trained counselors and therapists is Collaborative Therapeutic Services. There’s a reason as to why they come highly recommended, and that’s because they’re one of the best in addition to being experts in their field.

What should families look for?

Therapists who focus on training parents should be at the forefront of a family’s search. In addition to this, there are some therapists who have undergone training or certification in a program which has been proven to work in young children with ADHD. Some of these programs are Triple P, Incredible Years Parenting Program, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, and New Forest Parenting Programme.

Ask potential therapists these questions so that you can find a therapist who uses a proven approach.

  • Does this therapist teach parents skills and strategies which use a positive reinforcement structure and consistent discipline to curb their child’s behavior?

  • Does this therapist teach parents positive ways to communicate and interact with their child?

  • Does this therapist assign activities for parents to practice with their child?

  • Does this therapist meet regularly with the family in order to provide coaching and support and monitor progress?

  • Does this therapist re-evaluate and remain flexible enough if they need to adjust strategies?

What should parents expect?

Eight or more sessions with a therapist are usually required. Sessions are varied and may involve groups or individual families. The therapist will regularly schedule meetings in order to review their progress, provide support, or perhaps adjust strategies if needed to make sure that there is improvement. Practice sessions happen with parents and their children between typical appointments.

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to choose the right therapist for you and your child. As already mentioned, Collaborative Therapeutic Services located in Tampa, FL is an excellent organization which employs licensed therapists for therapy and counselors for counseling. They are very professional and deserve a look.For more information on the types of therapy that may help you or your child contact us today.

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