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Before we begin discussing possible therapy methods for mood disorders, let’s discuss what mood disorders are and how they manifest. Mood disorders categorize a bunch of mental health conditions which have to do primarily with an individual’s mood and their inability to manage them. The inability to control this excess of mood upheavals strains a person’s daily functioning and performance and even hampers their quality of life. Mood disorders can nevertheless be treated by the timely intervention of counselors and therapists. The mood disorders most commonly diagnosed by therapists are – depressive disorders, bipolar disorders, and substance-induced mood disorders.

A surprising number of young adults suffer from mood disorders. Also, women are more prone to developing mood disorders than men.

How are mood disorders treated?

Mood disorders are treated in conjunction with medication and therapy. However, it is not always easy to come upon the right mix of drugs or counseling tactics that can ably treat a person’s mood disorder. The factors that cause these mood disorders and the symptoms that are expressed are rarely uniform, which makes the diagnosis even more difficult for counselors. The therapy decided for the patient depends largely on the specific type of mood disorder the individual suffers from and any other health complaints that he or she may have.

Types of Therapy Commonly Used to Treat Mood Disorders

Counselors and therapists commonly employ the following therapeutic treatments for patients with mood disorders:

·       Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT is favored by therapists for treating mood disorders. It helps the patient recognize their own unhealthy thought and behavior patterns. The counselor or therapist then tries to help the patient change these negative and self-defeating thoughts and behaviors and replace them with healthier alternatives.

·       Mindfulness – Mindfulness training is extremely beneficial for anxiety and depression patients. Counselors employ mindfulness training to help the patient silence their minds and focus on the present instead of worrying and stressing needlessly.

·       Psychotherapy or Talk Therapy – This is the most basic form of therapy practiced by every therapy provider or counseling professional. It’s the most effective for patients with depression. The patient is encouraged to share their worries and concerns with the counselor who then aids them in figuring out their emotions and how they can channelize their thoughts and feelings in a healthy manner instead of letting the same disrupt their life.

·       Electroconvulsive Therapy – ECT is a brain stimulation therapy which is used for treatment and medication-resistant depressive and bipolar patients. An electric current is sent across the patient’s brain after administering general anesthesia. While stigmatized to a great extent earlier, it is now widely recognized as being highly effective in treating major depressive disorders.

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