Marriage and Couples Counseling

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Does Your Relationship Need Help?

Signs You Might Need a Marriage Counselor:

  • When you aren’t talking.
  • When you’re talking, but it’s always negative.
  • When you’re afraid to talk.
  • When affection is withheld as punishment.
  • When you see your partner as an antagonist.
  • When you keep secrets.
  • When you contemplate (or are having) an affair.
  • When you are financially unfaithful.
  • When you feel everything would be OK if he would just change.
  • When you’re living separate lives.
  • When your sex life has shifted significantly.
  • When you argue over the same little things over and over again.
  • When there are ongoing relationship issues.

Deciding that your relationship needs work, and it might be a good time to try out a therapist is the right direction on the path to fixing your relationship. A lot of people choose to wait for long periods before they seek marriage and couples counseling, and by then it may be more difficult to save the relationship. The sooner you go to see a therapist to fix your problems, the more likely that those problems will be resolved for you. Different counselors take different approaches when it comes to dealing with marriage and couples counseling. Find the right therapist for you and your partner, and you are all ready to go.

How Does Marriage and Couples Counseling Help You?

By allowing yourself to be exposed to an environment where you can freely voice your opinions, you let a lot of the problems that are plaguing you, fall past your shoulders. Having an open conversation with your partner, in the presence of a neutral third party who is there to help and guide you, come with many benefits. Not only is your therapist trained in the art of fixing relationships, he can help you with any latent problems that you may have in your own relationship. Good and beneficial communication is the foundation of any relationship – and in the therapist’s office, the idea is to get those communicative juices flowing. The right kind of therapy will look at all the problems you have in your relationship, though communication will take the primary focus. There are many times in our lives when we behave passive aggressively, or engage in cold behavior with a loved one. Locating where your problems come from is an integral part of any therapist’s job. Some of the first things you might learn at couples counseling involves learning how to control your emotions and communicate effectively.

What Are You Looking for From Marriage and Couples Counseling?

The success of the therapy depends entirely on how willing you and your partner are towards making your relationship work. A couple that in actively working towards improving their bonds will find the sessions with their therapist enlightening, and can more readily work towards a fixed relationship. From learning how to communicate with each other, to discovering what was not working in their relationship, and striving to fix them, a good therapy session can do wonders for any relationship.

How Long Do You Need Therapy?

This depends entirely on what situation your relationship is in. If your relationship was not in a bad place to begin with, and you find yourself solving your problems quickly and moving on, then it was not such a long process. However, if your relationship needs time to improve, then expect to invest at least once a week with a therapist. Some therapists also offer individual supplementary sessions, so if you think that you need one – be sure to ask the therapist about it. Remember that the human psychology needs time to heal, and let yourself work towards a smooth resolution with your partner.

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