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Growing old together irrespective of the problems that arise has not been a constant in the marital world. The irreconcilable differences adage has been doing the rounds and how, across the board. The cute gestures during courtship suddenly become a bane rather than a boon in the relationship.

Unbiased Help

Interference from family (both sides) can also cause a dent in relationships. That is why premarital counseling is the need of the hour. It gives both sides a way to iron the glitches, if any, before tying the knot. As a preventive against divorce, counseling works rather well, provided neither party dons blinkers, but says it like it is, during the session. It is not always easy speaking about cracks in a relationship with a stranger. However, there comes a time when you just have to do so, if you want to heal, together.

Mend Fences

Couples who find cracks in the relationship may find meeting a therapist an unnecessary choice. The first session provides the counselor with a vast range of information pertaining to the history and the troubles that the couple faces. Techniques and modalities used may vary from person to person. What really works is honesty and being open to discussions in a controlled environment. The counselor needs to avoid any personal bias when counseling. Usually, for couples counseling, it is necessary for both to attend the initial sessions. It is also fine if they see the counselor individually but to sort out issues it is always necessary to meet the professional together.

Collective and Individual Sessions

During various sessions, the counselor may request couples with a series of tasks to work on in the relationship. The objective is to hear both sides of the story that has caused the relationship to go out of control. Rational emotive therapy denotes that man is fallible. Using this as a guide, certified counselors ensure that they bring their A game to the table. The objective is for both people to see the other’s point of view. Meeting a counselor may open each other’s eyes to understand where the partner is coming from and try to work on the relationship. If neither is willing to bend and stick with the ego, nothing will come from the session.

Calling it Quits

Mending relationships is not always on the cards in relationship counseling. In fact, when the wounds are open and raw, it can become apparent that both would like to end the relationship. It can cause a series of ripple effects, but the bottom line is that if there were cracks that could not be mended, it may be time to call it quits. At the end of the day, it is about being true to yourself because if you cannot give the relationship a 100 percent, there is no point in trying. It is pretty much like a cracked pot - no matter how many stones are used to mend, it will break.  Meet with a counselor to mend the wounds and get past the hurt, as you individually heal.

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