Marriage Counseling Before Divorce

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Are You Headed for Divorce?

The word divorce is unpleasant and something that we pray will not happen to the best of us. Divorce often ends up in a lot of bitterness and scars our perspective of marriage and mutual understanding. Unfortunately, today, the number of divorces exceeds the number of happy marriages.

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What couples must understand is that marriage is the union of two individuals with two different personalities. These differences will definitely lead to clashes in opinion over time, but in majority of cases this can be sorted by simply talking it out. There are certain cases where a divorce is necessary such as when a marriage involves abuse or mental and physical harm of any sort. But, in most cases, a difference in opinion is the major reason for divorces.

This is why marriage counseling plays an important role before deciding to finalize divorce proceedings. Marriage counseling helps a couple to work out the real reason they want a divorce and this forces them to rethink their decision in most cases.

When To Seek Marriage Counseling

If you feel that your marriage is showing signs of wear and breakdown, if you feel you have been too many fights, or if you are headed for divorce, then make sure to consult a marriage counselor before you proceed with taking any further action. Seek therapy from an experienced and well known marriage counselor. There are a number of proficient marriage counselors in Tampa and Brandon, Florida.

Marriage counseling can help you and your spouse to understand the depth of the issues between you two and the foundation of your unhappiness. You might discover certain attributes of your partner that you may have earlier chosen to ignore or not understand. Marriage counseling can help build a sense of mutual understanding between you and your partner and help both of you work out where and how things went wrong between you.

How It Works

Marriage counseling usually starts with your therapist asking you some basic questions about you and your spouse. Once your therapist has all the information that is needed, he or she will most likely want to talk to both of you individually to understand the perspective of the marriage from the eyes of both you and your spouse. Once this is done, the therapist will want to talk to both of you together. These sessions will involve both of you openly discussing the issues you face with each other and it can help bring a fresh perspective on certain issues.

The counseling sessions do not always go smoothly at will end up in an emotional outburst at some point or the other. But it surely will help you get an insight into your marriage and help both of you to make changes in any behavior that might seem offending to your spouse.

Marriage counseling also facilitates communication between couples. Lack of communication can be one of the fundamental reasons as to why your marriage is breaking down.

In order to get the best out of counseling, it is necessary to open up your mind and refrain from believing in any myths about counseling. Marriage counseling does not mean defending yourself and proving that you are right, nor is it a quick fix to a marriage that is breaking apart. Rather, marriage counseling is a tool to help you understand your spouse better and hopefully strengthen your marriage.

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