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Does Counseling Before Marriage Help?

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Marriage is a very important milestone in a person’s life. That’s why counseling before marriage is so important to guarantee a long and happily married life. Planning your wedding is fun and glamorous. But while you’re planning your wedding down to the last detail, are you also preparing for your marriage?

Preparing for your marriage can have a large impact on whether your marriage will end in divorce or not. Premarital education is known for being able to better prepare you as you go into your married life. The state of Colorado has declared that no couple shall have a wedding until they’ve gone through a complete premarital counseling.

If you’re traditional and prefer to have an indoor wedding at a religious institution like church or a synagogue, then chances are, premarital counseling is mandatory. If you’re on the fence about whether to take the plunge, premarital counseling can sort that out for you. It’s better that you get cold feet now than at the day of your wedding.

So you might be asking yourself how a counselor could possibly help you in building a foundation for the rest of your life.

What Are The Advantages Of Marriage Counseling?

1.      Marriage counseling can help you create positive resolutions for your marriage.

You can easily get emotional when you’re talking about things more on the heavy-duty side of life like kids, money, and sex. An experienced therapist can give you and your fiancé the guidance to not go off the topic and discuss the matter at hand like adults.

2.      Marriage counseling can help you improve your conflict resolution skills.

You probably know how your partner reacts during an argument by now. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll know that there’s always room for improvement. And premarital therapy sessions can help you accomplish that. A counselor can teach you how to communicate more efficiently by listening and hearing what the other person has to say. They’ll also guide you on the things that you should and shouldn’t say to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

3.      Marriage counseling helps you to have realistic expectations when it comes to timing.

You probably have a time frame in mind of when you want to start having kids or buy a house. Is your partner also in one this time frame? Counseling helps you to put all your thoughts on the table so that there are no surprises going in.

4.      Marriage counseling helps you to avoid toxic resentments.

We all hold grudges. It’s the way of life. Your counselor will help you to let go of some of those grudges that you’ve been holding on to so that they won’t come back to cause problems down the line.

5.      Marriage counseling helps you get rid of the fear of the whole system of marriage.

Chances are that one of you is from a household where there was a lot of fighting, violence, or even only a single parent resent. Counseling can help you to broaden your view on the whole system of marriage and break the cycle of your past.

There are many benefits to premarital counseling. Contact us today!

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