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Anxiety Counseling Therapy

Practically everyone experiences anxiety at some time or the other in life. Anxiety can strike at the weirdest of times. It could be when one has a presentation to make, an exam to write, a job opportunity, getting married, living alone, divorce, and so on and so forth. When one is able to curb the panic attack without letting it take over your life, you are probably ready to take on the world. However, when panic attacks and anxiety-riddled problems do not settle down, one may need help from an unbiased source like a qualified therapist. An individual’s predisposition to anxiety could be due to environmental factors, inherent, inherited or learned.

Triggers and Treatment

Anxiety interferes in every facet of life. One may not be able to rest, eat, exercise, work, study, meet friends, go out, relax, to name a few common reasons why seeking help from a therapist helps. Effective therapy can help eliminate the triggers and control the symptoms that a patient is experiencing. By talking this over in a controlled space, the individual can air out his issues during the counseling session. Talking things over can help the therapist understand the root cause of the issue(s). Once the patient feels a sense of comfort talking about the triggers, s/he will be able, with the right set of self-esteem tools, to control and even diffuse the situation. Finding the triggers may take a while, but after a few sessions, both the therapist and the patient work in tandem to eradicate the problem.


Deeper concerns need to be worked on with the certified counselor. Cognitive behavioral therapy is quite often used in addressing deep-rooted anxiety. As a form of science, counseling also helps in the psychoanalytical methodology by treating the problem after identifying the cause. By understanding the process, the therapist will work on a treatment plan that may include a series of plans. Lifestyle changes may have to be implemented. If required, the patient may also be encouraged to share her/his experiences in group therapy. As a way forward, group therapy works rather well, as one is able to find and identify with like-minded people. In fact, people learn to adjust better when they talk to others in the group who share similar thought patterns and the healing begins.

NLP to the Rescue

Self-soothing techniques in counseling may require the use of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), which helps aid by kicking anxiety it to the curb. Stress management is a requisite in helping one heal. The self-reflective process included in a session, helps one understand the problem objectively. Soothing methods like prayer, exercise, change in diet, doing away with crutches like smoking, drinking, and drugs, can help deal with the underlying cause. The objective is to ensure that the patient does not unravel but nips anxiety in the bud effectively. Chances are that panic attacks can occur, but once you are able to handle the problem, dealing with any trigger becomes almost irrelevant.

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