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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) need specific rules to keep their behavior in control. Enforcing them consistently is necessary though children are not very appreciative of rules. Behavior therapy through structured strategies ensures better ADHD conduct - here are a few ways.


You cannot be army like in this approach, but firmness definitely works wonders. It may take a while to get your child who displays extremities of behavioral patterns, but with the right set of tools, s/he will respond. The objective is to have a firm set of rules and stick to them, without bending. If need be, post them near the bed of the child, around the house and in places that s/he frequents, eventually your child will come around.

Cut them Some Slack

Not every child is the same. When parents make comparisons with other kids, the moods of the child suffering from ADHD will spiral out of control. The idea is to let on that no one is perfect. While the ground rules need to be followed, parents cannot demand perfection from their kids, expectations are okay, but demands cannot be cruel. If required, one can seek therapy with an ADHD qualified expert.


Everyone wants a pat on her or his back for a job well done. Kids respond rather well when they are appreciated. They automatically feel energized to better themselves and do not act out. For instance, if a child is inclined to paint, encourage him to speak his mind with color. By getting the child engaged in an activity, hyperactivity will slowly ease towards a state of calm.

Seek Help

If you have just learned that your child has ADHD, there is no need to panic. Help is always at hand through the medium of counseling. At the session (or a series of sessions), the professional will take into account the problem that the child faces, and work on bringing him out of his hyperactive behavioral patterns. During the session, parents may need to be counseled so that they understand certain methods to deal with their child. It is quite taxing handling a hyperactive child, but being sensitive goes a long way.

Discipline at Home & School

Work with a counselor and get discipline in place. As the child gets older, they cannot be ‘punished’ with rules of the early years. A high school kid, for instance, may bunk school. You may need to enforce a firmer set of disciplinary measures. Keep in touch with the school and learn about her/his behavior. It is advisable to negotiate with children instead of breathing down their necks.

Love Your Child

It can throw you off balance when you have no clue about how to handle ADHD. A good therapist will be able to help you find a balance with your emotions and the emotions of your child. It is tiring having to be alert all the time, but one beautiful method that works is to show your child you love him. Every child responds to parental love and hugs and kisses never went out of style. Let him know you care, and will always be there for him.

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